Supercharge Soil

Soil degradation statistics are staggering with one third of the world’s arable land having been entirely lost since 1950. Soil building practices such as “Supercharge Soil” is an easy method of building good soil in sutu and has the potential to; conserve soil moisture by up to 50%, naturally feed plants, boost their immune systems and make them vibrant with strong yields. To see how watch the 49 second animated video followed by a presentation.

4 Easy Steps

A 49 second video.


The 3-Step Programme (Supercharge Soil, Boost, Maintain)

You can also Supercharge Soil


How to Supercharge Soil

Demo Supercharge Soil


I am totally inspired by both Sarchen’s video and the NGP website! I want to get my hands on these soil building products even if it is neither autumn spring or late summer!! I want to order. Let me know as I shall act today still. Debs

Sarchen, you can’t believe how wonderful my herbs have been this year. My flat leaf parsley was nearly 60 cm high!! The bazil over a meter and the sage about 50cm high. It was like Jack and the Beanstalk! Louie


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